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pictures of justin bieber in singapore

pictures of justin bieber in singapore. Justin+Bieber+Justin+Bieber+Live+Singapore+XJlvx mxOcQ_l
  • Justin+Bieber+Justin+Bieber+Live+Singapore+XJlvx mxOcQ_l

  • supremedesigner
    Jul 19, 05:51 PM
    What, the analysts weren't even close? I'm shocked. :rolleyes:

    analysts always assumed too much!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

    pictures of justin bieber in singapore. Justin Bieber – My World Tour
  • Justin Bieber – My World Tour

  • Digital Dude
    Jun 22, 03:09 PM
    I don’t feel this should be a ‘Page 2’ topic in that it makes more sense as to why Apple is dragging its feet on a replacement of their 30-inch desktop display.

    As for a new MacPro, I think Apple couldn't care less about professional designers anymore. It's now all about bubblegum social interaction with 16-year old bee-bopping mall kids.

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  • Justin Bieber Arrived in

  • imac_japan
    May 3, 10:18 AM
    As for me, I think Apple could make some changes but that it is in much better shape than it was, say, eight years ago.

    I agree !! but they need to do more than provide quick cool products...The ipod and the itunes music store isn't going to last because there are going to be others. They need to push a product (ie: cheap mac) into the home ! People will buy it

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  • maclaptop
    Apr 21, 12:01 PM
    There is a reason that some of us Jailbreak, outside of the desire to add applications outside of the appstore.

    Apple hackers develop better jailbreaks now so they can keep up with the superior system Android has.

    There's so much more one can do with Android.

    After having every iPhone, I tried Android and I'm so amazed at their great capabilities.

    Android is awesome.

    That said my Iphone 4 is best as an iPod replacement.

    I have the best of both worlds.

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  • Justin Bieber performs during

  • Linito
    Sep 6, 09:30 AM
    Poop. And I was hoping for a $100 price drop.

    pictures of justin bieber in singapore. Justin Bieber in Singapore(AP
  • Justin Bieber in Singapore(AP

  • ipadder
    Oct 19, 09:50 PM
    i found one that matches a case that i bought for my iphone a while back!

    snatched it up for 6 bucks! what a deal. i think i might get black next..

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  • Tweet middot; Justin

  • SaMaster14
    Jan 29, 11:23 PM
    here my G


    of course i got it fully loaded with Bose Sound etc.

    on the far left in the snow last night


    Awesome, another infiniti owner! I posted my 09 G37S sedan in this thread (probably first page)... also fully loaded :cool:

    Love this car!!


    And for the Volvo S60R or whatever.. I find it funny how Volvo said that they were trying to get away from trying to copy basic german lines and looks, yet they completely ripped off the Mercedes E-class styling (with the front lights and the car lines)... it basically looks like a less appealing version of the E class... and the side mirrors look exactly like the Audi S-series side mirrors...

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  • peterjhill
    Sep 7, 11:48 AM
    Quality is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more important to me, than price.
    There I said it!

    When I see those delicious trailers, I cry for movies like that. Please God make it happen. 720p would be unbelievable, but I would believe it.

    Why buy an HD DVD player when you can download the movies at 720P... That would be good enough for me... Of course it depends on how much compression they use to make the file size smaller.. Also, would I be able to stop and resume downloading of the files?

    We will find out I guess.

    pictures of justin bieber in singapore. Justin Bieber, as Selena
  • Justin Bieber, as Selena

  • MacFever
    Apr 21, 12:31 PM
    I don't see the big hoopla and the press who are probably not very tech savy just ran with this....

    If you really knew about the features Apple offers with the iPhone then they would know that they have a service to find your stolen iPhone...how else would it work...?? lol morons.

    This is no biggie.

    This is also capable on any phone...triangulation can be done on any cellular device if the "authorities" wanted too look for someone.

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  • Justin+ieber+pictures+in+

  • MasonH
    Apr 2, 11:09 PM
    I will not feed the trolls… I will not feed the trolls… I will not feed the trolls…

    Better not look at the dozens of pics in the big light bleed thread over here either then... might make your mind explode :D

    Oh - to prevent even *further* pain don't go look at the pics posted in the light bleed thread at Apple.com either.

    Yup, trolls :rolleyes:

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  • Justin Bieber en conferencia.

  • KnightWRX
    May 2, 06:13 PM
    Never said anything about cooperative multi-tasking.

    iOS is not cooperative multi-tasking. It's fully pre-emptive.

    I know it is, unfortunately, the userspace APIs don't allow 3rd party apps to profit from that. You can't just write code and hope the process scheduler will happily deal with you (as any modern, pre-emptive OS scheduler does). No matter what, your apps gets sent messages to suspend itself and the frameworks are built in a way that if you don't intercept these to "background" certain tasks using a certain limited API to do so, the defaults kick in and you get sent to oblivion.

    It's pre-emptive cooperative multi-tasking if you will. It's limiting. This is a "Truck" OS. I don't need limits on truck. If I wanted limits, I'd drive a car, to use the Steve analogy. ;)

    I'm talking about intelligent pre-emptive multitasking with API's that allow the Apps to make intelligent decisions removing the burden from users to "clean up" after apps they have launched but aren't using.

    Apps aren't intelligent (artificial intelligence ain't quite there yet). If I have apps open, there's a reason and I want them to stay open. I'm not CPU/memory limited enough to warrant dumping these to some kind of swap space and prevented from sitting in their idle loop, waiting on their input.

    Taking control away from the user is in the end dumbing down the experience. This is what most folks are afraid of with all these features.

    I'm talking about Apps that are, to the user, ALWAYS instantly available in exactly the same state that they left them in.

    They can only be instantly available if they stay resident in RAM. If they are swapped out, then they need to be swapped back in.

    pictures of justin bieber in singapore. justin bieber singapore
  • justin bieber singapore

  • feedface
    Apr 21, 12:15 PM
    has anyone actually used the app in question? The data is so wildly inaccurate as to make it pointless. Even recompiling it with a 1000 times more accuracy has me placed in locations I haven't been to since I go an iPhone. So the question is not one of data, per se, but data accuracy: law enforcement have known about this for ages. If my iPhone says I was near a scene of crime, but I disagree, I bet I know which side the police would go with. That is the trouble with this data.

    pictures of justin bieber in singapore. justin bieber singapore one
  • justin bieber singapore one

  • calderone
    Apr 3, 08:17 PM
    I'm sorry, but either you shouldn't be in FS mode in the first place or you must be absurd to think it's not easy to have to move your mouse all the way to the top in order to reveal the address bar.

    I actually hate FS mode. But I dont see much sense in hiding the address bar, an often used feature of a browser.

    I personally us shortcuts to interact with the address bar, I don't want a delay in my interaction if it is hidden.

    It doesn't matter though, I hate FS mode and I am absurd.

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  • Justin Bieber holds concert in

  • qualleyiv
    Nov 15, 10:30 AM
    That really depends on the program, on how "parallelizable" the application is.

    The simplest way to think of it is like this: Let's say you have a program that first has to calculate A. Then, when it's done that, it uses the result of A to calculate B. Then, when it's done that, uses the result of B to calculate C, then C to D, and so on. That's a *serial* problem there. The calculation of B can't begin until A is done, so it doesn't matter how many processors you have running, all computation is held up on one spot.

    On the other hand, let's say you have an application that needs to calculate A, B, C and D, but those four values are not dependent on each other at all. In that case, you can use four processors at the same time, to calculate all four values at the same time.

    Think of it like baking a cake. You can't start putting on the icing until the cake is done baking. And you can't start baking the cake until the ingredients are all mixed together. But you can have people simultaneously getting out and measuring the ingredients.

    So that problem is partially parallelizable, but the majority of its workload is a serial process.

    Some software applications, just by their very nature, will never be able to do anything useful with multiple processors.

    OK, I'm hardly a programmer (PHP doesn't really count) but that's the exact same description that I've heard applied to the description of what it takes to vectorize a program (i.e. make it Alti-Vec optimized) [that and the process of making loops that can be unrolled]. So I've got to ask, is there some difference between those two concepts? If not, it sure seems like we would have a lot more multi-core enabled apps out there already...

    pictures of justin bieber in singapore. of justin bieber singapore
  • of justin bieber singapore

  • richardsim7
    Mar 22, 04:40 PM
    Yeah but are they going to improve the quality? The DAC on the iPod Classic is bloody terrible! It makes me sad :(

    pictures of justin bieber in singapore. Singer Justin Bieber talks
  • Singer Justin Bieber talks

  • iAlan
    Aug 24, 11:22 PM
    What the @*!& is Labour Day? Something to do with Tony Blair?

    No, it is when all babies are born :p

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  • Chris Bangle
    Jan 7, 01:41 PM
    Apple=30years ipod=5years website=10 years apprently... Any other momentous birthdays?

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  • who is justin singapore my

  • SciFrog
    Nov 9, 12:30 PM
    We just had a monster record day, 430k points!

    We now average 258k per day, slightly above our current rank.

    pictures of justin bieber in singapore. justinbieberpicturesmarch
  • justinbieberpicturesmarch

  • Xavier
    Nov 27, 02:40 PM
    I wouldn't mind this happening! I have been stuck with a 15 inch (not even wide screen) for a long time, but being low budget, haven't been able to afford the models I wanted. I hope that Apple produces this

    Oct 24, 06:16 AM
    The only stores I found still up were the US and Canada

    US and Canada always go down last, they should be down in the next 10 minutes or so.

    Jun 22, 10:41 PM
    Actually maybe.

    That would be a gigantic step backwards. Only being able to run Applications deemed worthy by Apple? It maybe fine for your very average PC user who writes email, iWorks, and browses internet - but anyone else - crippling.

    I suppose they could have two flavours of the OS - the locked down version called "Th iOS desktop Disney Edition"! :)

    Nov 28, 01:18 PM
    I have no idea where you got that one from. The original Xbox never made a profit. Microsoft is deliberately selling the Xbox 360 at a loss to capture marketshare. However, the PS3 and Ninetindo Wii are selling like hotcakes, are latest big things, and have the buzz. The best laid plans ...

    It may not be true that they broke even, it's just something I thought I heard on a tv interview...

    Sony is selling the PS3 at a loss as well, Nintendo I'm sure is making money on the Wii...

    There was also a lot of buzz for the 360 a launch & after, MS has sold over 15 million XBOX 360's in the last year, so I think they have done pretty well....

    I don't think Sony has the best plan, if they did they would have launched earlier, had more units at launch & not be so overpriced...

    Jan 12, 08:07 AM
    If this machine is truly is what the rumour suggests then what is the point?

    A thinner MacBook that doesn't have any CD drives?

    There has got to be some information that is missing.

    Cool name though!

    Sep 7, 11:29 PM
    "G5" is processor branding which refers to the 970 chipset, not the design of the machine itself, so you are using that terminology incorrectly. Do people go around saying, "Gee, that new Pentium Dell sure is nice!" :p :D It's the equivalent of saying that you like the design of the V10 BMW when in fact you mean the M5. If the current iMac design only housed G5 chips, and was changed when the Intel transition occurred, then fine, that model could be associated with the G5 chip, however this is obviously not the case.

    No worries, just pointing out how you are in error. :cool:

    Most of the time when people refer to the 5th Generation of a model here on MacRumors they refer to their Machine as 5G or Gen5. The main reason for this shortcut is to avoid the confusion with the PPC chip G4, G5, etc.

    For Example, as Shard points out above, referring to the new iMac as G5 is just wrong and confusing because of the obsolete PPC G5 chip. However it is much clearer if you refer to the new iMac as 5thGen or 5G.